Tell Me

Remote Togetherness with Sound Play

In the distant future, how will people situated in spaces far far apart connect and communicate? Can technology enable an authentic sense of togetherness without face-to-face dialogue?

We imagine a nostalgic communication device that allows people to use domestic objects to transmit their mood through sound.

‘Tell Me’ is a series of wifi-connected musical boxes that allow people to connect and play any conductive object in their house. These sounds are then sent wirelessly to the musical box of a friend, who can respond by connecting and playing his/her objects. The emotionality of sound and the sensory qualities of various objects open up possibilities for empathy, play, disclosure and comfort without the need for words.


How it works

Conductive objects linked to the device become capacitive sensors that play music samples when touched. These sounds are then transmitted from one box to another via wifi. You can also choose the mood of the music samples by touching the three white buttons on the top of the boxes.


The concept and functioning prototype were conceived under 5 days with Angelisa Scalera, Francesca Desmarais and Henriette Kruse Jørgensen.

This project is also featured on the Makery.

See full project at the CIID project page