Fish or Die

Fishing for passionate amateurs


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Knowledge for fishing is notoriously complex and segregated. To find relevant information, one has to prowl through various apps, books and websites.

Different fish are available at different times of the year. Rules and regulations for fishing sites differ between sites and with season... Despite a revival of interest in fishing amongst young people, the barriers to entry are too high for the sport to regain popularity. Our team's resident passionate fishing ethusiast Anders had been working with Danish fishing magazine Fisk og Fri, using their data to reproduce fishing information for amateurs. We jumped on board to help him out during the 1-week GUI course at CIID. 


A mobile app which helps passionate amateurs discover fishing opportunities and gives them the tools to go fishing any time of the year.


Where to fish

The app shows you what you may catch today and the nearest lakes you may head to. Tapping on 'Directions' opens up the directions to the selected lake on your Maps app.


Information about the fish

All you need to know to catch the fish of your choice today is simplified and presented with illustrations and icons i.e. the suitable bait, minimum landing size of the fish, tips to bait the fish and amenities and rules of the chosen lake.


We were inspired by old fishing journals and beautifully illustrated vintage fishing posters.


After exploring various illustration styles, we decided to retain the simple line-drawing reminiscent of old fishing journals and only present the important interaction points in colour. 




Anders Erlendsson, Akarsh Sanghi and Samantha Lim

Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design



1 week



Timm Kekeritz & Frank Rausch, Raureif

Marco Triverio, IDEO

Icons & Illustrations   


Some were lovingly hand drawn, others adapted from The Noun Project  and Le Larousse pour tous - a French encyclopedia from the 1800s.