Bite-sized Activism for Youth Radio


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A well-known international broadcaster would like to reach out to a young audience that increasingly views radio as an obsolete medium.

With the rise of social media and the lack of engaging content and interaction, radio has lost its appeal to a young audience. 

The young audience is informed and engaged typically via social media, heavily influenced by influencers e.g. social media personalities, young role models and bloggers, and appealed by opportunities to voice their opinions. These channels also appeal to their lifestyles where attention is spread across multiple activities at the same time.


Echo is a global platform of young role-model reporters delivering short audio bites for the youth. The reporters repurpose existing material from the mother company to construct audio narratives relevant to a young informed audience, highlighting issues youths care about.


Remixing content from the mother company, influential youth reporters create stories with personal flair and publish them on the app. The platform is made up of influencers from around the world, reporting on issues the youth are interested in.




Listen later

Easily queue stories to a playlist for listening on the go.


Use your voice, get involved

Comment on a story or respond to comments by "speaking up", recording and sharing via the app.


Audio bites

Stories are reported in 2 minutes or less.




Bethany Snyder, Henriette Kruse Jørgensen, Samer Nakfour and Samantha Lim

Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design



1 week



Jacek Barcikowski & Ulrik Hogrebe, BBC